Thursday, June 18, 2015

Recipes thus far

I'll write them up when I have time! For now pictures and poor handwriting and persist in broken Italian will have to do. Each name is the name of the cook who taught me the recipe. If you have a request for sorting you'd like to learn, I'll try my best to learn it, so leave a comment below! 


Lisa (tiramis├╣)


Alessandro (pasta con le zucchine)

Yuisan (great for fish)
Sorry for my crappy handwriting, I was trying to write and watch what he was doing. And estimate amounts. I'll perfect this sauce back home and update amounts in the fall. I'll also retype it all when I have the time.

Toshi's caff├Ę

Tips from the kitchen (sweets)
- use hazelnut flour for the dough of baci di dama for an extra delicious taste
- use metal cookie cutters as weights on edges of wax paper for baking small things prone to rolling (like small balls from baci di dama) that need a flat surface to bake on
- make a ganache to easily dress up some simple cookies or other deserts (cream and chocolate, that's all!)
- to get a great, non-bitter lime flavor for desserts, peel the limes with a potato peeler and then by hand and with a paring knife remove the white on the peel so ONLY the green peel remains. Boil in sugar water and drain. Dry and if access to dehydrator, dehydrate to the pulverized and use that powder. If you're like me though and don't have access to a dehydrator, I'm going to experiment with baking or drying in Sun. Will report back the results.

Tips from the kitchen (food)
- for a good pasta vongole, boil in water with pepper and parsley unto they open. Prepare as recipe calls.
- if you want to use ink to make black pasta or rice, don't use it from calamari, but instead use seppie! The difficulty is finding fresh and uncleaned seppie... Hmm. Bostonians, try maybe New Deal Fish Market on the corner of Cambridge and... 8th? I think? Near 7th and Cambridge.
- skin a lime, cut out the lime meat in between the thin dividers that exist so you have *just* pulp. Chop this and use that day for salad dressing or whatever. DAY OLD LIME WILL DRASTICALLY TASTE MORE BITTER. TEST IT OUT!
- an easy and light dressing for a mixed salad: chopped lime, oil, ocean water, salt. Add some fresh chopped mint, dill, and whole small rose petals to spice up a refreshing salad!
- to achieve the fancy spoon tear drop of sauce on a plate, place back of spoon on plate and tip forward (opposite the side/vertex of the oval that has the handle) and drag. Practice getting even results then move on to larger heads and skinnier talks to create the tear shape.


Risotto e maiale

Katia (pasta di pomodoro e olive) & Tortelloni di ricotta

I'll keep updating this blog post with recipes as I learn them!

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