Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 7&8: Rose colored glasses

Saturday I had the pleasure of having a friend from MIT who lives in LA come up and visit me! Steven is another MechE and wicked, crazy smaht. He's also a brother of MIT SigEp, and on Monday he and I drove up to Stanford for a visit, picking up two others along the way, to visit a Stanford SigEp friend and tour the ME department for grad school. Woohoo, road trip!

Saturday evening though, before the trip, we had grabbed some nachos at Taco Temple, a California fusion restaurant, and afterward saw a movie at the local movie theater in Morro Bay. It's funny-- perhaps more accurately a little bit sad-- it always takes a non-local to help me see my home through rose colored glasses. On our drive to the theater he had mentioned how my town is such an ideal, small, California beach community which reminded him of one from the movies (like from the 1950s era). It's not that my town and Morro Bay are dead or boring, they're just, "chill." Quiet. Calm. Laid back. And with a new perspective he helped me see it in such a light. Where I would get annoyed with the 25 stop signs that exist in the quarter mile drive down Morro Bay Blvd., he helped me welcome it as a time to take in just how quaint (hah, bro, I did just use that word) my surroundings are. And while each building in particular might be viewed as slightly loved or needing of some repairs, as a whole, with the sun setting just over the wave breaker, the sight of the bay at the end of this road with its boats and buoys is actually rather beautiful.

While this isn't a ground breaking realization, it's certainly something I'm trying to bring to my attention-- how often do I take advantage of the beauty around me? I think a good daily challenge would be to walk around my usual environment and be able to spot at least one thing beautiful/something I'm appreciative for. (Finding something to be grateful for in each person you encounter is another blog post I have yet to rant about, fear not. The point of this is to learn to appreciate the nature, or something else if you're in the city if there isn't much nature, around us everyday. More importantly, to train ourselves to be actively searching for something positive that we enjoy. It's all too easy to focus on the bad in our lives.)

I don't mean to sound ridiculous. Like, I don't expect myself to walk by a trashcan and be like "wow, I am so appreciative that this trash can exists." but like, hey, maybe there's art on the side or maybe next to it is a nice tree whose leaves or blossoms offer a little shade as you walk along in the heat of the day. I don't know, I guess I mean to say that to take the time, a quick minute out of your day, to appreciate the beauty in something new (or better yet old!) in your life is a trait I find rather admirable.

I am starting today: Today I am making a note of how lovely my gladiolas and cala lilies in my front yard are (ignoring the weeds, lol!). Thanks mamma for taking care of them while I'm away at school! (The trick is to actually talk to them. I compliment them and tell them they will grow up to be big and strong and plentiful... Yeah, maybe I'm off my rocker, but if you saw this flowers, you'd think twice about mocking me! My glads have over 2' of blooms!)

Thanks for reading! (I'm not sure who all reads it, but I see that there are some page views at least! Thanks bro! :P)

Much love,

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