Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 6: Schooners

So today is a little silly fun fact day. I have lived in my small town for going on 14 years now and there is one restaurant I have never eaten at... until today: Schooners.

It's always looked like a shady restaurant to me what with it's wooden pirate sculptures out front and it's watermill and other random sea-worthy items. But recently (the last couple of visits home) I've wanted to try eating there. By some lucky turn of events I got to meet the lovely Lisa (read: potential future aunty-in-law) and have dinner with her and her son. (Again, potential future cousin-in-law... confused? Don't worry about it...) I walked through the doorway and into the magical unknown. For nearly 2 decades I had walked past this establishment headed back home from a day at the pier and how many times had I stopped and measured my height against the sculptures to see how I had grown in comparison? Finally, Friday evening, I got to satisfy the mystery that lay just beyond that external entrance I had so familiarized myself with.

It was oddly satisfying though. To get to finally discover the inside of the last restaurant in my little town I hadn't eaten at (well, I guess I haven't eaten at the Cass House either, but that's like a B&B thing) filled me an unexpected sense of closure. Like, it's just a restaurant. I'm "emotional" in the sense that I have emotions about it, but like, it's more that something that has alluded me since childhood is no longer an "unknown."

This got me thinking about other "loosed ends" in my life, things that I just want to say I have the experience of trying. And I soon realized the list is long. (Off the top of my head: surfing, skateboarding, waitressing, going on a hot air balloon ride...) I then realized that life is short and while I don't advocate for the complete "YOLO" (you only live once) life style, I think it can be healthy and safe to live in the present to an extent. (another blog post in the making)

So, as part of my summer of adventures, I'm acting on a lot of my impulses and actually following through with my plans. Tomorrow I am headed up to Stanford for quick little road trip with some of my other friends from the MIT SigEp and we've visiting a brother at the Stanford SigEp (plus I'm checking out professors for grad school, ah!!). In any case, it was just funny to me that eating a restaurant could provoke such a "deep" train of thought.

Thanks for reading!

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