Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 13: A haiku for bro's cat

As per request (should have expected this!) bro, here's a haiku for Miss Napoleanne...

A little background first, for those of you who don't know this embarrassing and true fun fact about my family, we have "voices/personalities" for our cats. My cat: the dumb, adorable, drooling baby. My bro's cat: the sophisticated and aloof Southern Belle (she talks with a drawl and everything, saying things like "fawtha" when addressing my brother). Confused? Concerned? Laughing? Yeah... you're not the only one. Got give some mad props to my mom though, she manages to get our cats to write an occasional card to my brother and me back on the east coast! I've saved them all, m'dear Sweetpea! (Her cards have poor grammar and backwards written letter even, just like a little kid!)

Yeah... my family goes all out... ON EVERYTHING. ^.^ And though some may view it as embarrassing (eh hem, bro! :P) I've learned to embrace it. It's shaped who I am today and has helped me life uber enthusiastically!

But alas, what you've all been waiting for, Napoleanne's haiku:

Southern and refined
Never leaves home without her gloves
Our curvaceous belle

 In case you're curious, Napoleanne came from Neopolitan because she's three colors, but it slipped up at Napolean too often that we just stuck with it. But because Napolean Dynamite came out like a year after we got them, people thought it was named for the show, plus she's a she, so we try to emphasize the "anne" ending of Napoleanne. Also, the reference to her "gloves" is because she has white "hands and feet" (as shown in the first picture below). 

Thanks for reading folks!


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