Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 2: Pink Nail Polish

In an effort to be diligent, I am writing this second post, however, I'm not really sure what to discuss...

Well, I feel like that first line was a waste of time, but I suppose a bigger waste of your attention is writing this line--ah yes, the internal battles of my mind...

Anyway, tomorrow I have the intention of going to Old Orchard Beach, Maine for a wee day trip via the Amtrak. For $44 I can merrily go on an adventure and return by supper time! However, I've been losing a battle with allergies the past couple of days and have woken up the past 3 mornings with a rather pesky sore throat. Assuming I have the energy, I shall go on my adventure and rest assured tomorrow's blog entry will divulge what all was involved! For now, I will discuss my intentions...

For some time now I've had this romanticized idea of getting in a car, blaring "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore and driving up to some yet to be determined/make-it-up-as-we-go location in ME, of course pulling off the road to take a lobster detour for lunch. So what's the first thing I do? Look into car rentals! (I can actually rent one, but I'm too poor to do that, so Amtrak it is!) More to the point, what's the second thing I do? Look to for a place to stay for two!

What's wrong with this picture.

C'mon, think. Don't let me down. I know you see something inherently flawed...

Well, in case you're just tired, I'll tell ya: make-it-up-as-we-go doesn't really go with calling ahead and making a reservation somewhere, now does it? Furthermore, I found my adventuresome self only interested in going if someone else wanted to accompany me! What's up with that?!


I then thought about it and realized that because I want to do the Amtrak route, I ought to plan where I'm getting off so I settled on knowing where my final destination was going to be. Cool. However, what I'll do there? Meh, we'll find out. Most importantly, I'm finally okay with doing things on my own... guys, this is a BIG deal for me. Maybe you guys are okay with being alone now, but I'm sure we've all had those periods in our lives where we really only had the motivation to do things if someone else was willing to tag along. Yeah? Eh? Anyone with me? And I've touched on this before, and will make a huge point of this again in my post about dating, but I think it is of the essence that I can, in the words of my brother, "be alone and not be lonely."

Read that again: be alone not be lonely.

There's a hilariously sad story I have to tell you all about which involves me planning this elaborate profession of love to a boy just last week (really, it's fine, it was a run-away-bride situation where the dude was MIA, but definitely one for the memory books). This resulted in me have a dinner reservation for two, but alas, one was a no-show. The kicker is, while last year, and maybe even just 3 months ago, going out to dinner alone would have bothered me, the notion didn't seem upsetting that night. Even though I had this HUGELY romantic, elaborate, and time consuming plan all set up (like, we're talking mutual friends were roped into this, there were notes to be randomly delivered, the whole shibang) crumble into stale pieces of yesterday's bread, I was still excited about being all dolled up, done with finals, and finally getting to eat at Max Brenner. (Btw, AWESOME salted caramel shakes, oh goodness... I should have just ordered three of those for dinner!) So as I waited in the lobby of this boy's dorm chatting with some friends who showed up to help, I casually mentioned that I was going to go to dinner still. Sweetly, a friend (guy) that I was chatting with got a rather sad look on his face and was like "Aw, Chacha... don't go alone. That's..." "Sad? Yeah, I suppose it would have bothered me a few months ago, but surprisingly, not so much right now." Kindly enough, though, he insisted I wait 15 minutes while he changed into some nicer clothes, and then the two of us went on a bro-date. (He's not my brother, but like one to me. Woo! Best labmates EVER!) Anyway, after a lovely evening of catching up on life and all that jazz, I realized that while I had a great time with him, I think I would have equally been okay with going to Max Brenner on my own. And you know what? That felt pretty freaking good.

So, to relate this story to my Maine trip, I have invited a couple of friends to come with me on this adventure and all have said they can't go for various reasons. That's cool. I get it-- people are busy. And while I am sad that I won't get to bond with those friends outside the MIT bubble, I'm actually really okay with traveling on my own. Heck, I did that the summer after my senior year of high school across Italy! I used to be so independent and content on my own, I'm not really sure what happened, but somewhere along the way MIT seemed to have shaken my confidence so much that I no longer even enjoyed being alone. I'm happy to report things have a changed considerably (though I still have my moments, certainly) and I look forward to my "me time." And should I wake up with the energy to go on my adventure (curse you, allergies! *shakes fist to sky*) I have my bag ready with a book, hat, sunglasses, and pink nail polish.

Folks, I'm painting my nails pink on a beach in Maine. Bright pink.

Thanks for reading! Tune in tomorrow for whatever I end up doing!

Much love,

P.S. Once I get home, this blog will become a food blog as well as travels blog too! Yay!

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