Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On the trials/joys of punting...



Definition: The act wherein an individual who has known engagements of greater importance and/or is hosed (heavily laden with time sensitive commitments) knowingly and purposefully engages in other activities in an effort to ignore/be ignorantly blissful about said engagements until a later date.

Example: As I write this, I am punting.

Wow, that whole schpeel took WAY too long. Ah well, yay stubbornness. Heh, wow, spelled that correctly on my first shot! Chacha: +1. Anyway, so I don't want to/have a lot of time to write. In fact, I have none. But I've really wanted to catch y'all up on what's going on in my life (for those of you who follow...mom. God bless ya, I must seem like a perpetually depressed person what with my posts always being about tribulations, though however positive I try to be.). So I think I'll try to make weekly updates that are just shorter. Like, a paragraph or two about my life, nothing that will take more than 15 minutes to type up. I think that'd be more useful and helpful for future journal usage. I should keep an actual journal, right now I just have random notes to God venting about things that aren't always chipper and good to dwell on, hmm... documentation of my life would be nice. What sparked this idea, you might ask? Well, I've been meaning to for a while, but today someone dear to me wrote me a note and left it as a surprise for me. In this note, it was stated that " People are too connect, all the time... It makes things much more immediate, 'easier,' but it also detaches us somewhat from our inner core.... there's no time for distillation of what's happened."

I thought that pretty accurately stated my thoughts on common means of communication these days. I feel like problem is often not that I lack in the "quantity" of time, but rather the "quality." Ergo, while I will be increasing the "quantity" of my entries, I hope to also, and more so, increase the "quality"* of my documentation of my life**. But then again, I'm sleep deprived and maybe sick and so hosed that I am punting and writing this...so who knows what I have to say. I'm probably just babbling and not making any sense.

Update on this year: Broke up with Stephan. I'm fine, don't worry. Don't really want to go into that online. I have a greater sense of contentment and am able to handle the burden of MIT. That is to say, I freak out for 30 seconds and then can laugh it off, and carry on. I'm taking 6.01 (freaking LOVE that class even though I don't turn everything in and often am confused and lost, accomplishing ONE thing in that class is like "I CAN FLIP A TABLE" out of an awesome sensation of pride), Chinese 1 (first exam of the semester next Monday, joy. LOTS of work, but SUPER worth it), 2.001 (Kind of boring, but I can see myself being a lot happier in the upper level course II [Mechanical Engineering] classes), and 8.02 (sigh...physics. heh, not too bad, but still pretty lost. least favorite though not so bad.). Oh yeah, I'm switching majors to 2A with Robotics (am currently EECS), I think this will allow me to work with my hands more, but still use a lot of EE and CS. I'm a "sweetheart" for SigEp, a fraternity, and it's awesome. It's a great group of guys. I've quickly grown quite fond of them and they're like a great group of big brothers... teehee, I like feeling like a little princess. :-P

I'll try to elaborate on the subjects again, but I'll just keep things short as for now. Anyway, TONS of work to go. I'll chit chat with y'all later.

Thanks for reading and keep on rockin' being you. Peace and love to all!

-- Chacha