Thursday, October 28, 2010

*cough* *cough* I think I have the black lung...

Man, whew, holy tamole. So a quick update, I basically stopped being a human and instead was a human-sized petri dish the last 5 days. I started feeling ill on Friday and really got sick later Saturday night and then got really bad Sunday -Tuesday. I went into to MIT medical on Monday morning, but I missed my doctor's appointment because when I was getting ready such a bad bloody nose started that I wasn't able to get it under control in time to get to my appointment. Once I finally got there, walking across campus with an ice pack and washcloth (pretty bloody) all bundled up because I knew I was sick, they cleaned me up and then wheelchaired me down to Urgent Care. The nurse who cleaned me up at my doctor's office was worried that I'd faint because I had lost a lot of blood and it had been bleeding for about 40 minutes without stopping at that point.

Once in Urgent Care, I was propped up in a nice bed with a warm blanket and left to see if my nose would stop on its own, but it didn't. So after another 20 or so minutes (a total of an hour without stopping) they had to cauterize my nose. Then I was left to rest a little to see if that had stopped all the bleeding. Luckily, it did.

Then they looked at me and saw that my sinuses were considerably swollen and that my right eye was pink and gunky and leaky. They then said that I had a sinus infection and pink eye. To top it off, they looked at my throat and saw white pustules. I was then told I had either strep or mono. Joy. At least now I had a reason why I felt like crap and wasn't able to sleep. I was given a prescription for azithromycin and something for my eye. I came back and rested for the rest of the day. Later in the evening I went to a chemistry review because there was an exam on Wednesday (I latter got an extention, so I'm taking said exam NEXT wednesday, since I was so sick that I couldn't study and my mind was out of it).

Tuesday afternoon I developed a cough and nervous that it'd develop into a respiratory infection (being on Humira for AS I'm more prone to respiratory infections and take much longer to heal in general). I contacted my doctor and he prescribed a cough syrup (with codeine, so now I sleep even MORE and am EVEN MORE out of it! :P) also, he was concerned that my pink eye wasn't actually pink eye but rather uveitis. I then had to go back to medical and get checked out by an eye specialist. He confirmed that I did just have pink eye, thank the Lord.

And so now it's Thursday afternoon. I'm working on some math. I'm moving VERY slowly, and I'm EXHAUSTED but at least my head doesn't throb and today is the first day that my throat isn't sore! I'm on the mend, I just need to be sure to get enough sleep.

As a result of being sick, I contacted Student Support Services, and talked with a dean. Luckily, I had already scheduled an appointment with a dean from there, so the woman I spoke with knew my situation. She was very concerned for my health and strongly recommended that I drop a class. She said that I put in the effort to get back on top, but clearly, me getting sick was my body's response to the high levels of stress and it came at a very unfortunate time. I may have been able tot get back on top with the three classes I was flagged in, but not now with being as ill as I am. That said, I have dropped my physics class which takes up the most time and I felt most overwhelmed about. The biggest thing now is not feeling like a slacker. I'm doing pretty well with that, but every now and then I think "gee, other kids can do it, why can't I?" In the end, I chose my health over my pride and I don't regret that. Everyone I've run into says I made the right decision, but you know, it's me who's got to FULLY believe that.

So yeah, I'm busy resting and eating soup and staying warm. For the first time today I enjoyed my math class a lot. I was working on a math problem by myself and am proud of how well it's going...not perfect, but better than before. I'm also really glad I transferred from 18.02 to 18.02A (basically I get a new start with my math class, but I have to finish it over winter break. no biggy, i was planning on being here anyway.)

I hope this finds everyone back home (and those who read this that are here at MIT/surrounding area) in good health. Be grateful of that, hah, most definitely. Take care.

Peace and love.


  1. Excellent news! Dropping a class is such a relief, isn't it? Yeah, I've been there too....Yeah, I was sick and behind in 3 classes. I LOVE that SSS are DEANS. Gosh you're getting smart and wise so fast!

  2. So glad that you are on the mend. I agree that dropping a class was probably the best thing to do. I am watching Elf right now and it made me think about you. *Hugs* Love Munkin

  3. @Kim, yeah, dropping a class was definitely a relief. I really love the deans at SSS and the deans at the office of undergraduate academics ( I met with one today and she asked me to be an advisor for next year, who knew, I'd get a job offer while expressing my anxiety and recovery plan for this semester!).
    @ Munkin, aww, Elf! great movie. and thanks, yup, i'm feeling much better and I miss you lots!