Thursday, July 1, 2010

Okay, allora...


Oggi e' il secondo giorno a Viareggio. Mi piace molte questa cita'!! Tutti i genitori sono molte simpatici. I really don't know if that is grammatically correct, Dr. Maceri, mi dispiace, but it is so fun to try. I am eager to go off and explore the city more (we found a great little place a couple blocks away with GREAT foccacia e caffe'!) so this post might be sort of short. I will do my best to keep you guys updated, but this one right now is primarily to get an outline down (like cliff hangers and what not to make you want to find out more and continue reading!) so I don't forget. I will also post some pictures!

Let's start with this morning:

I had my first day of class sta giorno. The first teacher I had was REALLY great, she didn't speak in English at all, but unfortunately it was primarily all review. I got placed in the second lowest class because of the test we took yesterday. I could probably move up if I wanted to, but I'm thinking, with the pace we were moving with the first teacher, that this class will become more complex with time. I also met, in the hall after class, the main guy in charge of it all. I don't know if it was Luca Gamba himself, but he was very helpful. In any case, the school looks promising. The kids, on the other hand, seem to be primarily interested in drinking and the likes. While they are plenty nice, they simply aren't the type I'd be likely to hang out with, for the majority, that is. There are some sweet people, like my other room mate, don't get me wrong, just the students are a surprise.

Earlier this morning we came back from a dance party on the beach. I called mom, (oh! I got my Italian phone number, another story) at like 2am my time and she was like "what are you doing up?!" Haha, it's so surprising, things just don't end at night until like 2am. I saw, for the first time, this sunglass store open, and it was midnight. Yes. I'm not sure if it is normal to buy sunglasses at night in Italy, but in any case, it's definitely close for the majority of daylight hours. Furthermore, things really shut down from 13:00 to about 16:30. They open about 09:00 and close officially about 21:00 ( 24:00 for non-"office" like buildings. for instance, I was in a bookstore last night and got kicked out because they were closing, at 24:00). After walking inland in search of karaoke, we explored the desolate inland city and found the city was really only "alive and kicking" along the boardwalk, or lungomare. After getting a gelato for the second time that day, we headed over to the music we heard playing and started dancing. There was a bouncer, and people just hanging out in front of the "Bango" (which apparently means like a mini-hotel-like thing right on the beach, where people rent rooms for changing and hanging out on the beach for the day), but Bristin just quietly walked right on by. Haha, it was really funny because like though the guy was huge, he was actually a really sweet guy. We took a picture with him as we were leaving and he was SUPER honored. We named him Fabio.


We took a test at the school to determine what class we would get placed in. After getting lost several times, Alicia and I managed to get to the school without being late for the test. :) Then we just hung out for a little bit in our room, in the heat of the day, AC is WONDERFUL, and then went exploring. We found a market with TONS o fopen air clothes and stuff. Oh, and we saw this old man argue with an older woman about vegetables, totally made my day.

okay, so I'm going to go into more detail at some point, but that is the gist of the day so I don't forget. I really need to get going, so I'm going to upload some pictures. Enjoy! Thanks for all the comments and reading! :) Ci amo molte! Ciao di la bella Italia!

Okay, so it's not letting me upload pictures becasue of some stupid reason. I'm going to find out a different way to upload them...curse non-mac users...grumble. I think the heat is getting to me. haha...and i'm off!

Update: I found out what was wrong and will now try to upload them again. I hope this works! And it's cooler and I'm feeling happier, haha. :)