Monday, July 12, 2010

More pictures and some stories to tell!


Bah, I'm too tired to type at the moment. I'm slightly homesick and more so actually sick...mah. Haha, but everything is fine. Beside Bologna launching a full-out attach on my allergies which then caused a sore throat, two bloody noses in two days, and a slightly runny nose (good Lord, I'm falling apart!) I am actually having a lot of fun. Last night Bristin and I did our nails, and I think there is a picture somewhere in the photos I just uploaded of my hands. I decided to paint them multi-colored. It looks like a paintball war happened on my fingernails. Also, quick note, I started my cooking class today. It is AWESOME. I am the only person in the class! So I have completely one on one attention and my sensei is super cool. Anyway, we're about to eat some dinner, gonna elaborate more on this post later. Love to all.