Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's my birthday!

Wow! Today is my birthday and I'm turning 18 while in Italy! HOW COOL?! So to start things off:

I was pleasantly woken (actually, I was kind of awake and just lying in bed) by Rainer who called to wish me Happy Birthday. Yes Rainer, I know you are reading this, let it be known that he was the first to say "Happy Birthday" (happy now?).  I then got up and got ready when I was called by my mother, and to my lovely surprise, Nancy and Keith! :) They sung a wonderful rendition of the American song "happy birthday."  After getting ready and putting on the new make up that I bought yesterday (to be explained later) I went down to breakfast. Alicia and I have brioches and nutella, as usual, and were off to our lovely/humid/hot class at Scuola Jenco, where I was gretted with many "buon compleanno"s and "happy birthday"s . Mid-way through my class my teacher found out I was turning 18 and the whole class sang to me in Italian. :) IT WAS AWESOME! I recorded it on my camera, so hopefully I will be able to post it up here as well.
As I was walking home from school, my lovely brother, best brother in ALLLLL the world, called and very on key, and pleasantly, sang "Happy Birthday" to me. We had a lovely chat and he was very surpised/pleased when I paid for some gum and the whole exchange happened in Italian, while he was on the phone. Thanks bro for the call! (Anyone is welcome to call me, it's free for me to recieve calls, just remember that I'm 9 hours ahead of PCT and 6 ET. I won't give out my number on here, but you can email me or ask mamma and get it that way.) I then came back to the hotel and rested for a little bit while checking my email and what not. Thank you to everyone for all the facebook wishes, I love them all. After resting, Alicia and I went out. I went to the salon where I got my sun hat and hair products (don't know if I mentioned that, it's a salon qui vicino alla Bella Riviera) to see a specific stylist. Not only does he have a cool name (I think it was Giancarlo) but the guy knew about MIT! After much talking about where is a good place to live in Italy and my hair type, we started talking about school. I hadn't mentioned where I was going, but just said I was interested in Business and either Mechanical Engineering or Mathemtics. He then mmentioned something and said "is it pronounced "mit", like a glove, or "M-I-T""? I was super excited that he knew about it, and was like "MIT! I'm going there!" Of course he was then very surprised and impressed  that a "California girl" with a "Californian smile" was going to MIT. Haha. In any case, he said that he reads Wired often and like all the technology.

Oh, my computer is saying it is low on battery. Gtg. But I'll be back later!

At 21:30 I'm going for a gelato and then getting a fancy drink (don't worry mom, more for pictures than anything else) at a recommended bar. :) Love you all. Ciao!  A dopo.


I included some of the new information about my brother above and it was italicized so as to be sure and let you know what is new.


  1. Awww, I called, too! Was my rendition of 'happy birthday' not pleasing enough for the Queen-for-the-Day?

    And are you really considering course 2 or course 18? That's awesome!

  2. Yeah Queen for the Day--who did you boss? And what did they do? And did you not get a cake at dinner? You were supposed to....
    @Bro--you are in a league all your own baby boy. She can't lump you with the rest of us. After all, you did graduate from MIT (spoken with a snooty Harvardian tone and nose in the air!)

  3. HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!! again...