Friday, July 16, 2010


So, just a very very quick post to tell you a bit about my famiglia here.

I am currently staying with some family of mine who live in Mercallo and Sesta Calende, two small towns near Lago Maggiore. The two main cousins that I have been spending a lot of time with are Federico and Nicola. They both are EXTREMELY fun, nice, and hospitable. Though I miss Bristin (not the heat of Bologna though) and Alicia, I am greatly enjoying my time with my family. It is very silly, but I really do feel at home with them as if I've known them all my life. I'm currently staying at Nicola's 'bachelor pad-like' house, which is the renovated wine cellar/basefloor of his family's home. It is nice and cool and there is plenty of room. Yesterday Fede and Nic picked me up at Milano Centrale (my train broke mid traveling, so I had to switch trains in the middle of no where and ended up getting to Milano Centrale an hour late, another story for another time...I anticipate updating this once I get home, since I don't have as much time as I would like to update you all now, or rather, I don't want to spend so much time in front of a computer when I could be doing other things...) and then we headed home to Nic's family place. I dropped my stuff off and then we went to the lake and played some calcio there. Dopo, we went to get some pizza and apparently I ordered something ridiculous, salame picante, prosciutto crudo, funghi, calciofi (spelling?), e olive, becuase they kept mocking me about that, was ridiculously good though. In any case, today we went to lunch with Fernanda, my nonna's cousin's daughter, or Nicola and Fede's grandmother (that's how we're related...haha.) and then we went for a caffe and gelato. Then fede and nic and I came home and rested while watching Il Padrino I, in Italian with English subtitles, much to my demand. Fede left for a family gathering in the mountains, but is returning a day earlier than the rest of his family to spend time with me!, so we'll see him tomorrow evening. I just ate dinner with Nic's family and it was delicious. We had some bruscetta, veil tunnato, zucchini stuffed, e gelato per il dulce. Mom, I learned how to make that viel and tuna sauce dish, so I can make it for us! I learned from Cristina (nic's mamma)! Now we are going to watch Padrino II. Tomorrow <nic and I are going to the beach and then sudnay I'm making dinner for EVERYONE! best news is that I'm going to learn to drive a shift stick! Nicola and Federico are taking it upon themselves to teach me! What a memory! okay, gtg! love to all. ciao !