Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why have a blog?

So I realized that the best way to keep people informed about my life at MIT (though this blog starts with my trip to Italy) is through communication. After this revelation, I then looked into the field of carrier pigeons. I mean, if someone sent me a message via carrier pigeon, I'd most certainly read what they had to say! But, sadly, they told me that it would not be possible to train 168* carrier  pigeons to fly across country from Boston to various places in California. Not to mention all the bird poop I'd have to clean up when those 168 pigeons return to East Campus (my dream dorm to live in). So then I moved onto the idea of writing letters. Well, you see, the problem with that is the approximate time it would take me to write each letter would be 15 minutes, at least, so we're talking 2520 minutes of writing, and the cost of postage, and the doctor visits because of severe hand cramps, et cetera, would not make that a plausible other option, nor a pleasant one. Email? A good idea, except, if you're like someone I know who will remain anonymous (Oh yeah, mom, thanks for doing my laundry again, I promise, I'll do it one of these days!) who keeps all her emails in her inbox and NEVER archives anything (God forbid you can't find a 5 year-old email, about an Amazon item you ended up returning, in the archive folder), well, then, an email can easily get lost. Alas, the idea of a blog was born. I can say my random thoughts and you can choose to read it or not. Whatever I write will always be here. Unless, of course, I move to North Korea in which case, assuming they let me in, my blog would probably be censored and might possibly turn into some sort of regime website. But, until that happens, and until you start seeing Korean writing, fear not! It is I, Kim  J, Chacha writing this. And this is what I have to say! Off, off, and AWAY!!!

*168 is the approximate number of friends I have at home...give or take 167.