Saturday, June 26, 2010

My trip to Italy!

It is here that I will document (with journal-like entries, witty comments, and many pictures) my travels in Italy. It is currently Saturday evening and I am VERY excited! I leave Tuesday morning and arrive in Pisa on Wednesday at 11:40 am Italy time. I will then take a taxi (paid for by the Sons of Italy, thanks guys!) to Viareggio where I will be staying for two days. On Friday I will then leave for Rome with a dear friend of mine, Bristin. (You rock my socks Bristin!) We will be having adventures all over Rome until July 6th, when we will return to Bologna. From there, we will do day trips. I plan to take a Bolognese 5-day cooking course starting July 12th.

The biggest dream I have right now, it's kind of silly, is seeing the sunflower fields. I would love, beyond words, to see them in person and maybe take a picture in the midst of SUNFLOWERS! To me, the sunflower represents faith and loyalty. It has no control over whether the Sun will rise or not, and yet, it looks to it every day and follows the Sun's path faithfully. (There can be a great analogy made about one's own faith in God and a sunflower, somewhere in there.)

In any case, I also hope to see some family while I am there, but I do not know if that will happen. I would also love to meet a friend who will be attending MIT next year, who has the same birthday, and is from Milan. But really, most things are up in the air! I'm so grateful to have a safe, fun, smart travel buddy with me! This is going to be a great summer of experiences! Ciao!

P.S. Thanks for reading this! I really appreciate it. :) I hope you enjoy and comment much! I'll do my best to include the details. Love to you all! A dopo.