Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm HERE!! :)

Okay, so this is just a quick post. I'm here, checked in, and I've dropped off all my stuff in my room. I now am showered (YAY!) and ready to go check out all the molto bella Viareggio has to offer! Before I leave, a quick anecdote, as they make the world go round.

We got to the airport, an hour and a half early, yay Italian timeliness, and then took a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Of course, the taxi driver only spoke a little English. I greeted him in Italian and he was very happy. I was really nervous to speak Italian to a real Italian, for some reason, but after a good 10 or 15 minutes of silence in the car, I was like "what the heck! It's practice!" So, I asked him what his named was, in Italian, but he didn't hear me, so then I doubted myself and my Italian skills. It was quite hilarious. Anywho, I repeated and then said it in English and he smiled and said "David." I introduced myself and Alicia. After that he started speaking in Italian, at first, baby stuff, but then he got to talking about working and asked us what we were doing here. I LOVED hearing him talked. Omgosh, it was lovely. I am totally ready to be surrounded by the culture and language!And on that note, my room mate/travel buddy is down from our room (i'm using the free wifi in the lobby) and we are off to explore! :) Ciao! E grazie mille per leggere questo post!

P.S. Hilariously, we sat next to a  VERY good looking guy our age from SF to NY. Haha....the good looking men has begun and it was still in America! :) I love life.


  1. Hey Chacha - Happy Adventuring and thanks for including us on your blog. Enjoy the sunflowers! Seneca, Holly and Evan

  2. Look out Italian guys...here comes your heartbreaker!

  3. I agree with your mom, those Italian guys need to look out for YOU.

    You did bring those eskrima sticks we leant you, right? :)

  4. Hey...me no approvey

  5. Haha, you would say that wouldn't you. There is SO much more news yet to come! ;)

  6. Sorry, I accidentally sent that without saying who it was directed toward. That last comment, Rainer.

    @ Mike, haha, no, I forgot them at home! What ever will I do?

    @ Mom, straight up. you know it! :)