Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buon pomeriggio! (even though they don't say that...)

So here's another quick post (perhaps not so quick, I've got some time). (I'm trying to jot down things while I can, I anticipate not having this much time tomorrow and in the days to come until I reach Bologna.)

Alicia and I took a walk on the beach and it was LOVELY. The water was perfect temperature, mayhaps a TAD too warm for the HOT afternoon that we had, but it was amazing. Okay, so seriously, I'm not going to Italy to rate guys (eh hem, thank you very much for reminding me about them mother...and Nancy...and every female I know as well as a couple male friends) but I just have to mention this guy. Seriously, he was the most beautiful man I have ever seen. (I know we all have our actor crushes, but this was just a "normal" man.) He was tall, dark, blue eyed, and handsome. I was tempted to take a picture of the "background" while he happened to walk through the frame, but that would have required me to whip out my camera as he nochalauntly walked by...real inconspicuous, I know. In any case, I just walked on. The beach though, is sooo cool. There are thousands of parasols and chairs with people sparadically using them. There are tons of life guards as well. Like, every 30 yards there are two guys wearing red, just hanging out and being stud muffins. There certainly isn't any surf, so I don't know why they're there. Also, the water doesn't drop off, it appears (haven't fully gone in it...YET!) for a good 40 maybe 50 yards. I recall it being different at home. Furthermore, I saw tons of old, white woman in bikinis and various bathing suits, I like it. I was like "alright, finally, people aren't held up to the same standard as American 'worthy of bathing suits bodies'."

Let me back up a little. So we took a taxi here and got situated. Right after leaving the hotel we went for a walk down the main street that borders the ocean. I was hungry so we stopped at this little shack-like restuarant that had you sit under a covered auning (there is no spell check on this computer, so I'm messing up left and right, sorry, I have no idea how to spell that word) that was right on the beach. Only, because there are rows and rows of parasols and bench chairs, sitting at the restaurant I was still 60 or so yards away from the shorline. I ordered an insalata calibrese and I gotta say, I like mamma's better. Nevertheless, it was good and I had fun ordering in Italian. I'm finding, I am understanding a lot more than I expected when people speak to me in Italian. Like, the waitress, a pleasant faced older woman, quietly asked me if I wanted the check and I responded with yes. I realized that I didn't translate anything into English, it just happened. Finally! Haha, I'm really excited to see what the future brings on this trip.

Oh yeah! OF course...I had GELATO!  I toasted to you mamma when I got caffe e cioccolatementa. It was really good. I still have to figure out what is the proper way of ordering, or rather, what is a typical "conversation." I feel like my intro was awkward. In any case, tis a language learning experience! I'm really really pleasantly surprised with how gracious everyone is. I knew Italians were welcoming folk, but everywhere I've spoken Italian, I've thoroughly enjoyed it! :) Furthermore, the taxi driver told me that I DID no how to speak Italian and that I should teach my traveling companion. While I said I only spoke a little, he was pretty certain I know more than I think I know...haha. I sure hope so! :) Until next time! Arrivederci!