Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buon pomeriggio! (even though they don't say that...)

So here's another quick post (perhaps not so quick, I've got some time). (I'm trying to jot down things while I can, I anticipate not having this much time tomorrow and in the days to come until I reach Bologna.)

Alicia and I took a walk on the beach and it was LOVELY. The water was perfect temperature, mayhaps a TAD too warm for the HOT afternoon that we had, but it was amazing. Okay, so seriously, I'm not going to Italy to rate guys (eh hem, thank you very much for reminding me about them mother...and Nancy...and every female I know as well as a couple male friends) but I just have to mention this guy. Seriously, he was the most beautiful man I have ever seen. (I know we all have our actor crushes, but this was just a "normal" man.) He was tall, dark, blue eyed, and handsome. I was tempted to take a picture of the "background" while he happened to walk through the frame, but that would have required me to whip out my camera as he nochalauntly walked by...real inconspicuous, I know. In any case, I just walked on. The beach though, is sooo cool. There are thousands of parasols and chairs with people sparadically using them. There are tons of life guards as well. Like, every 30 yards there are two guys wearing red, just hanging out and being stud muffins. There certainly isn't any surf, so I don't know why they're there. Also, the water doesn't drop off, it appears (haven't fully gone in it...YET!) for a good 40 maybe 50 yards. I recall it being different at home. Furthermore, I saw tons of old, white woman in bikinis and various bathing suits, I like it. I was like "alright, finally, people aren't held up to the same standard as American 'worthy of bathing suits bodies'."

Let me back up a little. So we took a taxi here and got situated. Right after leaving the hotel we went for a walk down the main street that borders the ocean. I was hungry so we stopped at this little shack-like restuarant that had you sit under a covered auning (there is no spell check on this computer, so I'm messing up left and right, sorry, I have no idea how to spell that word) that was right on the beach. Only, because there are rows and rows of parasols and bench chairs, sitting at the restaurant I was still 60 or so yards away from the shorline. I ordered an insalata calibrese and I gotta say, I like mamma's better. Nevertheless, it was good and I had fun ordering in Italian. I'm finding, I am understanding a lot more than I expected when people speak to me in Italian. Like, the waitress, a pleasant faced older woman, quietly asked me if I wanted the check and I responded with yes. I realized that I didn't translate anything into English, it just happened. Finally! Haha, I'm really excited to see what the future brings on this trip.

Oh yeah! OF course...I had GELATO!  I toasted to you mamma when I got caffe e cioccolatementa. It was really good. I still have to figure out what is the proper way of ordering, or rather, what is a typical "conversation." I feel like my intro was awkward. In any case, tis a language learning experience! I'm really really pleasantly surprised with how gracious everyone is. I knew Italians were welcoming folk, but everywhere I've spoken Italian, I've thoroughly enjoyed it! :) Furthermore, the taxi driver told me that I DID no how to speak Italian and that I should teach my traveling companion. While I said I only spoke a little, he was pretty certain I know more than I think I know...haha. I sure hope so! :) Until next time! Arrivederci!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm HERE!! :)

Okay, so this is just a quick post. I'm here, checked in, and I've dropped off all my stuff in my room. I now am showered (YAY!) and ready to go check out all the molto bella Viareggio has to offer! Before I leave, a quick anecdote, as they make the world go round.

We got to the airport, an hour and a half early, yay Italian timeliness, and then took a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Of course, the taxi driver only spoke a little English. I greeted him in Italian and he was very happy. I was really nervous to speak Italian to a real Italian, for some reason, but after a good 10 or 15 minutes of silence in the car, I was like "what the heck! It's practice!" So, I asked him what his named was, in Italian, but he didn't hear me, so then I doubted myself and my Italian skills. It was quite hilarious. Anywho, I repeated and then said it in English and he smiled and said "David." I introduced myself and Alicia. After that he started speaking in Italian, at first, baby stuff, but then he got to talking about working and asked us what we were doing here. I LOVED hearing him talked. Omgosh, it was lovely. I am totally ready to be surrounded by the culture and language!And on that note, my room mate/travel buddy is down from our room (i'm using the free wifi in the lobby) and we are off to explore! :) Ciao! E grazie mille per leggere questo post!

P.S. Hilariously, we sat next to a  VERY good looking guy our age from SF to NY. Haha....the good looking men has begun and it was still in America! :) I love life.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh boy...

So I have some things still to do, but I just thought I'd write a quick post documenting my extreme sense of excitement/nervousness! AHHHHH....!!! :)

I leave in a couple hours to go up to SF to spend the night. I will then leave tomorrow  morning at 8:30am. I am SO stoked! This is going to be SUCH a fun adventure. I hope to keep you updated as much as possible. Talk to you later!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My trip to Italy!

It is here that I will document (with journal-like entries, witty comments, and many pictures) my travels in Italy. It is currently Saturday evening and I am VERY excited! I leave Tuesday morning and arrive in Pisa on Wednesday at 11:40 am Italy time. I will then take a taxi (paid for by the Sons of Italy, thanks guys!) to Viareggio where I will be staying for two days. On Friday I will then leave for Rome with a dear friend of mine, Bristin. (You rock my socks Bristin!) We will be having adventures all over Rome until July 6th, when we will return to Bologna. From there, we will do day trips. I plan to take a Bolognese 5-day cooking course starting July 12th.

The biggest dream I have right now, it's kind of silly, is seeing the sunflower fields. I would love, beyond words, to see them in person and maybe take a picture in the midst of SUNFLOWERS! To me, the sunflower represents faith and loyalty. It has no control over whether the Sun will rise or not, and yet, it looks to it every day and follows the Sun's path faithfully. (There can be a great analogy made about one's own faith in God and a sunflower, somewhere in there.)

In any case, I also hope to see some family while I am there, but I do not know if that will happen. I would also love to meet a friend who will be attending MIT next year, who has the same birthday, and is from Milan. But really, most things are up in the air! I'm so grateful to have a safe, fun, smart travel buddy with me! This is going to be a great summer of experiences! Ciao!

P.S. Thanks for reading this! I really appreciate it. :) I hope you enjoy and comment much! I'll do my best to include the details. Love to you all! A dopo.

Why have a blog?

So I realized that the best way to keep people informed about my life at MIT (though this blog starts with my trip to Italy) is through communication. After this revelation, I then looked into the field of carrier pigeons. I mean, if someone sent me a message via carrier pigeon, I'd most certainly read what they had to say! But, sadly, they told me that it would not be possible to train 168* carrier  pigeons to fly across country from Boston to various places in California. Not to mention all the bird poop I'd have to clean up when those 168 pigeons return to East Campus (my dream dorm to live in). So then I moved onto the idea of writing letters. Well, you see, the problem with that is the approximate time it would take me to write each letter would be 15 minutes, at least, so we're talking 2520 minutes of writing, and the cost of postage, and the doctor visits because of severe hand cramps, et cetera, would not make that a plausible other option, nor a pleasant one. Email? A good idea, except, if you're like someone I know who will remain anonymous (Oh yeah, mom, thanks for doing my laundry again, I promise, I'll do it one of these days!) who keeps all her emails in her inbox and NEVER archives anything (God forbid you can't find a 5 year-old email, about an Amazon item you ended up returning, in the archive folder), well, then, an email can easily get lost. Alas, the idea of a blog was born. I can say my random thoughts and you can choose to read it or not. Whatever I write will always be here. Unless, of course, I move to North Korea in which case, assuming they let me in, my blog would probably be censored and might possibly turn into some sort of regime website. But, until that happens, and until you start seeing Korean writing, fear not! It is I, Kim  J, Chacha writing this. And this is what I have to say! Off, off, and AWAY!!!

*168 is the approximate number of friends I have at home...give or take 167.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010